About Me

The Loviti Story

Hello there! Thank you for your curiosity in wanting to know a little bit more about Loviti.

Everyone has their own way to soften their soul. Mine is in the pretty treasures that come together to tell a story and create a beautiful home.

For any typical occasion that calls for a gift, my request is always the same and always some sort of piece of homeware. Nothing too extravagant, usually not exclusively for my use, and more often, just a fresh update on something I already have (as you can never have enough cushions, can you!). Falling in love with a new mug to lift my mood in times of need, a stunning vase to showcase my love of fresh flowers, or heaven help me, a gorgeous cushion in the perfect white. 

These are the things that make my heart flutter with excitement, and I know I have a tribe out there just like me!

As a wife and a mother of three, I have come to the realisation that as you grow into yourself and the life you are creating, you evolve as a person. Peace and happiness suddenly become your priority. Stopping to live your life – your way – has also recently been added to my list. So, after over 20 years in the retail fashion buying world, I decided to take a leap of faith and jump into my passion for homewares. The opportunity in this space never presented itself in my corporate career, so I decided to carve out my own path and see where it leads. I have started with a small curated collection of pieces, all of which I proudly have in my own home, and am also dreaming big for what is ahead.

What I wish is that Loviti becomes your go-to boutique for beautiful & unique homeware pieces that will help you bring beauty to your everyday. Whether it is you spoiling yourself for those few solitary moments with your cherished brew, or helping create a beautiful memory with those dearest to you, celebrating & living life should not be for someday. Life is chaotic…. add some zoosh in between the crazy to remind you that your happiness, your peace, your heart fluttering, deserve to take centre stage too.

Looking forward to getting to know you all,

The meaning behind the name

 L O V I T I

As much as it is cliché, something happens when you turn 40. You are about half way and can’t help but reflect. For me, I was surprised in how quickly I got there. Ticked off the usual boxes with family, career and life-goals…. but at 40, your honesty box opens too, and I knew my heart had something to say. I brutally came to the realisation that time was running out if I wanted to chase my dreams or risk living with it locked away forever.

My Croatian heritage is part of my inner core. Family and true-ride-or-die friends, food & celebrations are what we live for. A beautiful tablescape or a vase bursting with blooms has imprinted my memory with fuzzy emotions over the years, most of which I can recall by a scent in the air or a polaroid of the day. So, after a pandemic and endless lockdowns, missing those life moments made me realise how precious the simplicity of life is. Living for ‘one day’ may mean one day never arrives. I needed to change that. Translated, LOVITI means to ‘chase’ in Croatian. So here I am - chasing my dreams, surrounding myself with beautiful things to be enjoyed and shared everyday. I hope I can bring you joy in your everyday, to remind you there is beauty everywhere, and that Loviti can help surround yourself with things you love.